Motor Trend Cooling Fan 1 ea BLISTER PACK



To Operate: 1. Make sure the switch is in the off position. 2. Insert power plug into 12 V outlet. 3. Push power switch from off to on. 4. For oscillation, flip the switch on back fan housing up. To keep the fan locked flip the switch down. To Install Permanently: 1. Unscrew the clamp (fig. 1) and remove by sliding fan out. 2. Find a suitable location on the dashboard where fan can oscillate without interference. 3. Drill two holes into the location, 1/16 inch in diameter, opposite the holes in the bottom of the mounting plate (mounting plate and screws included). 4. Secure the mounting plate to the dashboard with tapping screws. 5. Insert the fan into the mounting plate and secure using remaining screw (fig. 2)



12 V. Clip-on portable design. Powers from tighter outlet. Permanent mounting options. Tilt swivel. Easy install. Provides cooling comfort & removes odors. Oscillating motion optimizes air circulation. Quiet and durable motor creates speedy wind. 60 degrees oscillation. Cool down driver and passenger. Improves air circulation reducing heat, odors & moisture. Clamp base allows you to place the fan were refreshing effect is more needed. Oscillates 60 degrees increasing the air circulation in entire cabin of your vehicle.


This product can cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.