WinCo Foods Cat Litter 40 lb BAG



1. Pour Winco Foods Scoopable Cat Litter into a clean litter box, covering the bottom with 3 to 4 inches of product. For best results, do not mix with non-clumping cat litter. 2. Scoop out waste daily and dispose in trash. Do not flush into the toilet or any other septic system. Scoop not included. 3. Add more litter as necessary to replace what you remove. Store the litter to rejuvenate and redistribute the fresh scent. 4. Empty litter box to maintain a fresh environment a minimum of every few weeks. Dispose of contents in the trash and thoroughly wash and dry litter box. Multiple cats will require increases scooping. Refill litter to maintain 3 inch minimum depth. Storage Instructions: Store in a dry place. Close container when not in use. Do not reuse empty container.



Scented. Hard clumping. Low dust. Scented formula. Neutralizes odors. Odor control mineral crystals. Winco Foods Scoopable Cat Litter is great for standard, automatic or electric litter boxes. Made from ultra absorbent mineral crystals, it provides superior odor control. The litter creates hard clumps for easy removal and is perfect for multi-cat households. The supermarket low price leader.

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Sodium Bentonite, Odor Control Mineral Crystals, Fragrance.


Caution: Do not flush cat litter into the toilet or any septic system. This can clog pipes and affect water quality. Do not dispose of used cat litter and cat waste into a garden or compost pile, due to potential pathogens in cat waste. Wash hands thoroughly after handling used cat litter. Customers, especially pregnant women and persons with suppressed immune systems, should always remember to thoroughly wash their hands after handling used cat litter.


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