SmartyKat Stink Ease Odor-Neutralizing Litter Box Freshener - 6 CT



Directions: Use with or without litter box liners. Without liner: place one sheet in the bottom of the litter box. Cover completely with litter. With liner: place the liner in the litter box. Place one sheet on top of the liner. Cover completely with litter. For best results: use a new sheet every two weeks, or more often depending on your specific needs.



SmartyKat® StinkEase™ Odor-Neutralizing Litter Box Freshener. Because cats need... Hygiene. Complete Needs®. Charcoal-infused sheet absorbs urine odors. One sheet controls odors for up to two weeks. Slips neatly and easily into box. Eco Advantages®. Charcoal is an all-natural mineral. Paper is made from recycled material. 6 sheets 10 x 13 in (25 x 33 cm).

Other Description

Worldwise®. Better Products, Better Planet®. Satisfies your cat's need for ...hygiene. You love your little stinkers... but not the odor they leave behind in the litter box. StinkEase odor neutralizing litter box freshener is an innovative new way to help keep litter box odor at bay. Slip this charcoal-infused sheet into your cat's litter box before you add fresh litter. You'll soon notice a dramatic reduction in that all-too-familiar urine odor that's caused by the ammonia in cat urine. StinkEase is a natural litter box companion to all types of kitty litter. Using the odor-absorbing power of charcoal, StinkEase helps control odor for up to two weeks without the addition of harsh chemicals or fragrances. Laboratory tests prove that StinkEase reduces ammonia odor by 55% in the first 24 hours of testing. SmartyKat CompleteNeeds® System: A happy, healthy cat is one whose physical, emotional and instinctual needs are satisfied. The SmartyKat CompleteNeeds system helps you understand more about your cat's needs and provides products to meet those needs. For more information about the CompleteNeeds system, visit SmartyKat recommends... WasteNot™ litter liners as a perfect litter mate to StinkEase litter box freshener. Look for them wherever SmartyKat litter accessories are sold. Made with recycled paper. Package is recyclable where facilities exist. For more detailed information about the SmartyKat CompleteNeeds system and our entire line of environmentally responsible products, visit Email: [email protected]. Mail: Worldwise, Inc., Dept. SK P.O. Box 3360 San Rafael, CA 94912-3360. Phone: 415-721-7400.


Safety information: intended for litter box use only. Keep out of reach of children.