Dr Collins Perio Cleanpic Toothpaste 32 ea BLISTER PACK



For cleaning between the teeth.



Bringing smiles to life. Great after meals and on-the-go. Will not splinter or break. Flexible textured surface. Removes plaque and debris. Dr.Collins Perio Cleanpics are unlike any other toothpick you have ever tried. Perio Cleanpics are constructed with a high-quality plastic that provides the perfect balance between flexibility and rigidity. The thin textured surface grabs more debris with each pass, offering a uniquely effective cleaning that a wooden toothpick cannot replicate. The Perio Cleanpics are flat-edged instead of round, allowing them to more easily navigate between tight spaces to remove plaque and massage gums. Perio Cleanpics will not splinter or break, and are an ideal alternative for those who dislike flossing or have orthodontic appliances. Available in a convenient flip-top carrying case, the Perio Cleanpics are great on-the-go! Bring them with you to outings and meals, and keep an extra pack in your car or handbag! Dr.Collins Perio Cleanpics are part of the Perio family of oral care products, including the ultrasoft Perio Toothbrush and companion Perio Dental Floss. The Perio family of oral care products were personally conceived and developed by a dentist to address the comprehensive needs of his patients, and now are available nationwide.


Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow. Use sharp items with precaution.