JLAB JBuds Air Earbuds 1 ea BOX



Advanced controls: Left. Right. Volume: 1 click. Track: Press & hold 1+ sec. Play/Pause; Siri/Google: 2 click. EQ settings: 3 click (JBuds Air will cycle 3 EQ settings). Power On + Bluetooth Pairing: Press and hold 3 sec on both buttons. (Once earbuds pair, the right earbud will flash blue and white indicating the earbuds are ready to pair to your Bluetooth device). See Quick Start Guide inside for full button functions.



Bluetooth. 14+ hours of playtime (Battery: 14+ hours total, 3.5 hours in earbuds [60 mAh per earbud] [medium volume], 10.5+ hours in charging case [500 mAh]). Goes with Smart Assistants Android + Apple. Auto on & connect. Custom EQ3 sound. Everyday proof IP55. Make calls. Auto On & Playtime: JBuds Air automatically turn on and connect to each other once taken out of their charge case so you can keep going hassle-free. A class 1 Bluetooth 4.2 connection keeps you going for 3.5 hours (Battery: 14+ hours total, 3.5 hours in earbuds [60 mAh per earbud] [medium volume], 10.5+ hours in charging case [500 mAh]) in each earbud plus 10.5+ extra hours of charge in the case. Custom EQ3 Sound: Choose the sound to match your personal preference between three options: JLab Signature, Balanced, and Bass Boost modes - without an app. Crystal clear sound, no matter what. Hear the difference at jlabaudio.com/EQ. Control It All: Control all your music and volume with a tap or two on the outside of the earbud. Utilize the built-in microphone to activate Siri (Siri is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. and is no way affiliated with this promotion.), Google Assistant, or take phone calls and keep GOing on the move. Everyday Proof: An IP55 sweat resistance helps the earbuds hold up against moisture and dirt so you never have to worry during any hobby, travel, or workout. Equalizer modes: Quick press 3x button for different EQ setting (JBuds Air will cycle 3 EQ settings). JLab Signature: JLab C3 signature sound with amplified vocals and bass. Balanced: Even sound with no additional sound enhancements. Bass Boost: Amplified bass and sub-bass. Package contents: Includes integrated USB charging cable, 2 Cush-Fins, and 3 sets of gel cushion tips. Speaker: 8mm drivers. Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.2 - 30 ft range. Charging case; JBuds Air; Universal Mic with Volume + Track Control; Cush Fins; Gel Cushion Tips. For help with your product or to elevate your experience further visit jlabaudio.com.

Other Description

(hashtag)findyourgo. Official audio partner of Major League Soccer. Recyclable packaging.


Electrical waste, do not dispose of in trash. Fully dry off JBuds Air before placing inside charging case.