Companion Premium Housetraining Pads for Dogs & Puppies - 30 CT



Be patient. The puppy's house training process will take several weeks. But with consistency, patience and praise, both you and your puppy will graduate with honors. Puppy training: Unfold completely and place your Companion for a Happy Pet Inside and Out® premium housetraining pad on the floor with the white pad side up and plastic side down. Keep the pad in an area where your puppy stays, but away from its bed and food. Place your puppy on the pad so it can smell the pads's special scent. Keep the pad on the floor continuously so the puppy will know where to go. The scientifically formulated scent in the pad should attract your puppy back to the pad to relieve itself. If your puppy relieves itself elsewhere, bring it back to the pad as soon as possible. Once training is completed, if you would like to teach your puppy to relieve itself outdoors, gradually move the pad closer to the door and eventually outside. Once your pet is familiar with using the pad outside, gradually make the elimination pad area smaller by folding the pad in half and then in quarters. Soon your pet will eliminate off the pad and onto the desired surface. Indoor or confined dogs: Companion for a Happy Pet Inside and Out® premium housetraining pads also provide a protected area for dogs to relieve themselves when confined indoors. Follow the same directions for indoor or confined dogs as you would for puppy training. Ill pets: Companion for a Happy Pet Inside and Out® premium housetraining pads are an excellent way to protect against stains and odors caused by vomiting, bleeding and incontinence. Place the pad, plastic side down, in the desired area with your pet on the pad. Safety tip: Please keep this plastic bag away from children and pets.



Companion® Premium housetraining Pads for Dogs & Puppies. Your Trusted Friend®.

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Leak-proof super absorbent polymer. Scientifically treated to attract pets. Makes housetraining easy. Ideal for puppies and indoor dogs. Round the clock odor control. Quality guaranteed or your money back. ©2011 Ahold Licensing, Sarl.


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