Hartz Nodor Natural Bedding for Small Animals



1. Nodor bedding. Naturally controls odors from pet waste. Ultra-absorbent, long-lasting bedding. 2. Nodor spray. Spray liberally on Hartz Nodor™ natural bedding (or alternative bedding/litter product) in between periodic disposals. Completely eliminates small animal urine odor on contact. 3. Nodor wipes. Use during pet bedding disposals for quick and easy cage cleanup. Eliminates small animal urine odor & cleans cage surfaces. Use all 3 Hartz® Nodor™ products for best results. Directions for use: Cover bottom of cage with several inches of Hartz® Nodor™ natural bedding. Change bedding weekly or as needed. To prolong duration of time between full bedding disposals, remove bedding in heavily soiled areas of cage and replace with fresh bedding. Liberally apply Hartz® Nodor™ Bedding Spray on surface of clean or soiled bedding (remove small animal from cage while spraying). During full disposals, remove all bedding and clean cage with Hartz® Nodor™ cage wipes or alternative cleaning agent.



Hartz® Nodor™ Natural Bedding for Small Animals. Ultimate odor control. Ultra-absorbent. Dust free. Pet & family safe. No harmful chemicals contaminants or aromatic oils. Step 1 of the Nodor™. Odor elimination system use all 3 steps for best results. 1. Natural bedding. 2. Bedding spray. 3. Cage wipes.

Other Description

Ultimate natural odor control. Hartz® Nodor™ Natural Bedding naturally suppresses odor caused by pet urine. You can "breathe easy" knowing that your pet's cage environment will be cleaner and your home will smell fresher, longer. Ultra-absorbent bedding. Hartz® Nodor™ Natural Bedding absorbs three times its weight in liquids, keeping your small animal drier and cleaner for longer than wood shavings. The soft and fluffy natural fibers create a perfect environment for your pet's natural instinct to burrow and nest, keeping your pet feeling safe and snug. Pet & family safe. Hartz® Nodor™ natural bedding is screened for potentially harmful dust particles and minimizes the risk of respiratory issues for your pet and your family. It is free of toxic chemicals, contaminants and aromatic oils that can create health concerns for you and your pet. Hartz® Nodor™ Natural Bedding is also sanitized to reduce the potential for mold, fungus or bacteria. Environmentally friendly. Hartz® Nodor™ natural bedding is made from repurposed virgin wood pulp, a by-product of paper mills, which would otherwise go straight to a landfill. Visit us at www.hartz.com. Hartz® and other trademarks are trademarks of The Hartz Mountain Corporation.