Renuzit Aroma Fresh Accents Air Freshener Apple & Cinnamon



Usage instructions: 1. Remove scented gel from holder. 2. Using tab, peel foil cover off back of scented gel. 3. Drop scented gel back into holder with exposed gel facing toward the more open side of holder. When fragrance fades or gel begins to dry in appearance, dispose of entire unit.



Renuzit® Aroma Fresh Accents™ Apple & Cinnamon Long Last Air Freshener. New! Eliminates Odors & Freshens. *Scratch & Sniff. Contains Holder and Scented Gel. No Plugs or Batteries.

Other Description

Versatile 2-Sided Design. Blends with any room or decor. Freshens up to 30 days. The distinctive design and elements of this package are proprietary and owned by The Dial Corporation, A Henkel Company. Ingredient statement available on Questions or comments? Call 1-866-RENUZIT. Visit ©2012 and Distributed by The Dial Corporation, A Henkel Company.


Caution: Contains fragrance oils. Do not remove or puncture clear film covering concentrate. If Swallowed, Do Not Induce Vomiting. Seek medical advice immediately. Contact with concentrate may cause eye or skin irritation. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water. If irritation persists, seek medical advice.
Use with care around birds and other sensitive household pets.
Use only as directed.
Keep out of reach of children & pets.


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