Hartz Nodor Bedding Spray Fresh Scent



Directions for an odor-free bedding area: Spray directly on soiled bedding to eliminate odor. Spray on clean bedding to eliminate odor when bedding is soiled. Spray bedding area inside of the cage for an odor-free environment.



Hartz® Nodor™ Fresh Scent Bedding Spray. Odor encapsulating technology. Completely eliminates small animal urine odor on contact. Safe for small animals. Step 2 of the Nodor™. Odor elimination system. Use all 3 steps for best results. 1. Natural bedding. 2. Bedding spray. 3. Cage wipes.

Other Description

A breakthrough technology that eliminates small animal urine odor on contact. Unique encapsulating technology surrounds odor molecules, permanently stopping them from causing odor. Hartz Nodor™ bedding spray is safe for people and pets. Non - toxic. Use all 3 Nodor™ products for best results. 1. Nodor bedding: naturally controls odors from pet waste. Ultra-absorbent, long-lasting bedding. 2. Nodor spray: spray liberally on Hartz Nodor™ natural bedding (or alternative bedding/litter product) in between periodic disposals. Completely eliminates small animal urine odor on contact. 3. Nodor wipes: use during pet bedding disposals for quick and easy cage cleanup. Eliminates small animal urine odor & cleans cage surfaces. Hartz® and other trademarks are trademarks of The Hartz Mountain Corporation.


Water, Malodor Counteractant, Polysorbate 20, Amylase, DMDM Hyndantoin, Yellow #5, Blue #1, Fragrance.