Dawn Power Dissolver Pretreater for Baked-On, Burnt-On Greasy Dishes



Ideal for use on dishes with baked and burnt-on grease. 1. Spray dish to be cleaned. Don't add water until you're ready to wipe clean (step 3). 2. Set aside while you do the rest of your dishes (10-15 min.). For really tough items, let sit longer (max 30 minutes). Really old yellow build-up might require a second treatment and/or minor scrubbing. 3. Wipe or wash and rinse item clean. Treated items can also be put directly into the dishwasher without wiping or rinsing. Ideal for use on: pots, pans, and dishes. Important, avoid use on: appliance lettering, scratched 'non-stick' surfaces, oven hoods, dishwasher doors, varnished wood, and copper. Painted items, particularly metal, vary in quality. If in doubt, test on a small hidden area.



Dawn® Power Dissolver®. No scrubbing! Pretreater for baked-on, burnt-on greasy dishes. See back label for surface precautions.

Other Description

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Contains Biodegradable Alkaline Cleaning Agents and Solvents. Contains no phosphate.


Eye & skin irritant. See back label.
Eye & skin irritant. Keep out of reach of children.
In case of eye contact or prolonged skin contact, rinse thoroughly with water. If swallowed, drink a glass of water to dilute. Do not spray toward face. If you are sensitive to strong smelling products, use in a ventilated area. Turn nozzle off between uses.


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