CareOne EaseBetween Mint Interdental Picks Super Soft with Carrying Case - 60 CT



Instructions: Simply snap off one pick, clean between teeth as directed, and throw it away. Gently move in and out to remove decay-causing material and stimulate gums. Never force brush into tight spaces. Do not use around areas with excessive fillings or dental implants. Not intended for children under 6 years old.



CareOne® EaseBetween® Mint Interdental Picks Super Soft Carrying Case Included! More convenient than flossing. Micro fine pick slides easily between teeth. *Compare to G-U-M® Soft-Picks®. 60 picks.

Other Description

More convenient and easier to use than floss. Thin, flexible pick fits easily between tight teeth and reaches back teeth. Super soft bristles gently remove plaque and debris while gently massaging and stimulating gums. Mint flavor freshens breath. Handy carrying case fits conveniently in purse or pocket. Easy to carry and use anywhere. Dentists recommend daily cleaning with floss or interdental cleaners to remove plaque from between the teeth and areas where a toothbrush can't always reach. *G-U-M® and Soft-Picks® are registered trademarks of Sunstar Americas, Inc. Quality guaranteed or your money back. ©2012 S&S Brands, Inc.


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