Four Paws Wee-Wee Diapers Medium (15-35 lbs) - 12 CT



Make sure the adjustable tabs are on the bottom facing up. Slip the hole of the diaper through your pet's tail. Center diaper between back legs and up against their underbelly. Bring the adjustable tabs up and towards your pet's back and attach for a secure fit. Discard in the trash once used and replace with a fresh one.



Four Paws® Wee-Wee Diapers™ Medium Diapers (15-35 lbs). No leak protection! Disposable diapers. Super absorbent. Resealable, won't stick to fur. Comfortable and secure fit.

Other Description

Wee-Wee Diapers™ can be used for...Incontinence. Untrained puppies. Females in season. Excitable urination. Size - X-small #18811. Sample breeds - toy breeds and young puppies. Weight - 4-8 lbs. Waist measurement - 10"-13". Size - Small #18812. Sample breeds - Maltese, Jack Russell, Pekingese. Weight - 8-15 lbs. Waist measurement - 13"-19". Size - Medium #18813. Sample breeds - Beagle, cocker spaniel, miniature poodle, pug, sheltie. Weight - 15-35 lbs. Waist measurement - 18"-25". Size - Large #18814. Sample breeds - Bulldog, Bull terrier, collie, dalmation, Springer spaniel. Weight - 35-55 lbs. Waist measurement - 20"-27". Size - X-large #18815. Sample breeds - Boxer, Doberman, German shepherd, retriever, rottweiller. Weight - 55-90 lbs. Waist measurement - 25"-34". Central garden & pet.


Do not allow your pet to chew any material of the diaper.


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