Reach Total Care Multi-Action Toothbrush Soft



Reach® Multi-Action Total Care Soft Toothbrush New! Whole mouth clean For hard to reach places. Removes up to 90% of plaque.

Other Description

Multi-directional cleaning and polishing elements for a superior whole mouth clean. Removes up to 90% of plaque. 1. Multi-cleaning bristles with polishing elements thoroughly clean and buff away stubborn plaque. 2. Cleaning tip reaches behind back teeth to remove plaque. 3. Tongue cleaner removes bad breath causing bacteria. 4. Scientifically angled neck. 5. Soft thumb rest. 6. Ergonomic lightweight handle. Reach®, The Hard to Reach® Places® toothbrush. Specially designed to clean your mouth with its angled neck and tapered head. Toothbrush design is a trademark of Dr Fresh, LLC. Questions? Comments? Toll free: 1-866-REACHTB. Visit us online at:


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