Raid Mouse Trap Press 'N Set Disposable - 2 CT



Ready: bait trap by placing food (such as peanut butter or cheese) in the bait well. Set: set trap by pressing set bar. You will hear a "click" when set. Trap: place trap where you see mice activity. Bait well should be placed perpendicular to the wall with bait facing wall. Dispose: use convenient grab tab to dispose. No need to touch the mouse. Treatment tips. For best results, place 2 traps 5-10 ft apart. Target areas with high mice activity such as: near refrigerators, stoves, pantries, between washers and dryers, or along baseboards. Limit competitive food sources in your home. Store food in sealed containers, including dog and bird food.



Raid™ Press 'N Set® Disposable Mouse Trap. 1 touch set. Non-toxic. Kills Mice Dead!™ 2 traps.

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