As Seen On TV Chillow Soothing, Cooling Comfort On Your Favorite Pillow



As Seen on TV Chillow® Soothing, Cooling Comfort On Your Favorite Pillow. Product is folded inside box. Simply fill with water for cool relief. Create your perfect sleeping temperature. Portable for a good night's rest anywhere. Non-gel, latex and phthalate free. Customize your level of comfort! Cool: Use cloth side up on pillow. Cooler: Use shiny side up in pillow case. Even cooler: Use shiny side up on pillow. Coolest: Place in fridge for 15-30 min. No more night sweats!

Other Description

Chillow® is a registered trademark of Sooth Soft Innovations Worldwide Inc. Product size and color may vary. Hampton Direct. Have a great invention? Visit: ©2013 Hampton Direct, Inc.


This is not a toy.
Do not place in cribs, carriages or playpens, and other enclosed structures specifically intended for children. This product is to be used by adults or under adult supervision only. Keep away from sharp objects that could puncture material.