Melitta JavaJig Reusable Coffee Filter System



Quick & easy to use directions: 1. Put filter insert face down (prongs up) on flat surface & place coffee filter on top. 2. Slide cup down over filter until snug. 3. Fill cup with your favorite ground coffee or tea. 4. Snap lid on top and it's ready for use. Remove used coffee filter & toss. Rinse & reuse cup.



Melitta® JavaJig®. Reusable coffee filter system for use with most Keurig Inc. style single serve coffee brewers. BPA free. Includes: 2 reusable cups & 30 coffee filters.

Other Description

Easy: Simple to use. Ready in seconds. Economical: Save money. Use your own favorite coffee or tea. Environmental: Reusable. Reduces environmental impact. Starter kit includes: 2 reusable JavaJig cups + 30 coffee filters. Use with: Melitta® JavaJig® coffee filters. Available at a retail store near you. Melitta® JavaJig® and Melitta® products are not affiliated with or approved by Keurig Inc. Recyclable. Filter insert, cup & lid made in China. Coffee filters made in USA. 1-888-MELITTA.JavaJig is a registered trademark of JavaJig LLC, Dayton, OHIO. ©2012 Melitta USA, Inc. All rights reserved. ® registered trademark of a company of The Melitta Group.


Caution: filter cup and insert may be hot after brewing.