CareOne Dental Tools - 3 CT



Directions: Dental Scaler: use the Dental Scaler with the curve flat against the tooth. Gently scrape from the gum line toward the top of edge of tooth. Dental Pick: beginning at the gum line between teeth, carefully glide pick to remove debris and food. CareOne™ Scaler and Pick are made from enamel safe steel. Rinse under warm water during and after use and allow to air dry.



CareOne™ Dental Tools. Scaler. Mirror. Pick. Easy grip. Clinical grade. 3 dental tools.

Other Description

Dental scaler used to locate and remove stains, plaque and bacterial debris on both sides of teeth. Dental mirror anti-fog mirror helps you see debris in your mouth. Dental pick helps remove tartar, plaque and food from between teeth. All CareOne™ dental tools feature ergonomic handles with easy grip for better control. Quality guaranteed or your money back. ©2013 S&S Brands, Inc.


Warning: for adult use only. Please read instructions prior to use. During use, rinse regularly. Do not swallow debris or plaque that becomes dislodged during use. If bleeding occurs, consult your dentist. For more information, speak with your dentist.


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