Tanglefoot Window Fly Trap



Instructions: 1. Remove frame and sticky card from box. 2. Moisten suction cups. 3. Position frame on window at least 8 inches (20 cm) above window sill, with the long side parallel to the sill. 4. Press frame onto window pane. 5. Peel release paper from sticky card. 6. With sticky surface facing the window, align holes in the card with frame pegs. 7. Push card onto pegs. The trap is now set! 8. Replace sticky card every 2 weeks, or when full.



Tanglefoot® Window Fly Trap. New lure included! Non-toxic, pesticide free. Proven to catch more flies. No sticky mess or cleanup. Flies are trapped out of sight. Since 1885.

Other Description

No mess-no cleanup. Easy to use. Reusable frame. Mounts to any window. System includes: reusable trap, 1 sticky card. Dead flies are trapped out of sight on reverse side. 1-800-767-8658. 1-250-413-3250. [email protected], www.contech-inc.com. ┬ęContech Enterprises Inc.


Keep out of reach of children and pets.