Colgate 360 Total Advance Tooth Brush With Vibrating Bristles Medium



Colgate® 360 Degrees® Total® Advanced™ Medium With Vibrating Bristles Toothbrush. Surround design. Bristles and wraparound cheek & tongue cleaner. To remove more bacteria*. Superior cleaning for a healthier mouth*. With battery included. AAA, Energizer®. *Vs. ordinary flat-trim toothbrush.

Other Description

Surround bristles simultaneously clean both sides of the teeth, and reach down to the gumline. On/off button cleaning powder of 20,000 strokes/min. Toothbrush with battery included. ? 1-800-468-6502. Colgate-Palmolive Company. Made in China under license of Colgate-Palmolive Company, trademark owners.


Not intended for children under 3.
Brush head is not replaceable.
Dentists and hygienists recommend replacing your toothbrush at least every 3 months.


Colgate-Palmolive Co
New York, NY 10022