Van Ness Zeolite Air Filter Replacement F6



Van Ness™ Pureness™ Zeolite F6 1 Air Filter® Replacement. Fits all Van Ness enclosed litter pans. Pet-caring products since 1945.

Other Description

Lasts 3 months. Eco ness safe & green. 100% Recycled Content™. Litter pan odor a problem? Van ness has the solution: Zeolite! Only the pure ness air filter offers a real solution - Zeolite, a natural mineral which actually removes ammonia odors from the air. In our patented system of air purification, Zeolite-coated filter pads soak up ammonia gas on contact. Enjoy true odor control with the pure ness air filter, the all natural ammonia remover that absorbs urine odor before it leaves the litter box. Maintain filter effectiveness. For best results in maintaining filter effectiveness, always remove solid waste from the pan as soon as practical. Also use Pureness™ Cat Pan Liners®.