GUM Easy Thread Floss



How to dispense: 1. Pull floss out of dispenser until stiff green threader is visible. 2. If floss is pulled out past the green threader, rotate the blue thumb wheel counter-clockwise to pull the extra floss back to the green threader. 3. Cut floss in the middle of the stiff green threader, leaving enough for the next section of floss. There should be a green threader at both ends. How to use: Thread either stiff green threader end through the space between teeth or under bridges, crowns, implants, braces or permanent retainers. Gently move the puffy section in a back and forth motion to clean. Use other threader end if the first becomes worn.



Sunstar GUM® Easy Thread™ Floss. Healthy Gums. Healthy Life®. Stiff ended threader ideal for bridges, crowns, implants and orthodontics. 50 uses. Rewindable dispenser. Helps eliminate wasted floss! Dual ended threader. Recommended by dental professionals.

Other Description

Unique puffy floss is designed to fill hard-to-clean spaces for effective removal of plaque and food debris. ©Sunstar Americas, Inc.