Ja-Ru Sizzlers Noise Magnets - 2 CT



Sizzler tricks. Sizzle toss. 1) Place pods in palm of hand. Hold apart with thumb so pods don't touch. 2) Gently toss straight up. Watch 'em spin and hear 'em 'sizzle' as they vibrate together! Sticky fingers. Hold out your hand, palm side down, so your fingers are extended straight and level. Rest one pod on top of your fingers and the other pod under-neath. Release the lower pod and they will stick on your fingers! Tip: to maintain maximum play value, periodically wipe clean with a soft cloth.



Ja-Ru® Inc. Sizzlers™ Noise Magnets. Age 8+. Sonic sound. Toss together to hear 'em sizzle! Super size. 5 x 7. 2 pcs.

Other Description

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Do not drop on hard surface or toy may break.
Discard toy immediately if broken or cracked.
To avoid injury, do not drop or throw with force. Keep magnets far away from electronic equipment including televisions, computers, pace makers, credit cards, checks, audio/video tapes and computer disks to avoid irreparable damage to these items. Powerful magnets may suddenly attach to nearby metal objects or themselves with great force, which may damage objects or bruise or pinch skin.
Adult supervision recommended.