Hefty Odor Block Tall Kitchen Drawstring Bags Clean Citrus - 45 CT



Hefty® Odor Block® Tall Kitchen Drawstring Bags. Lightly scented clean citrus.

Other Description

When communicating about this particular product, please include end flap with the embossed numbers, or laser printed white numbers and the UPC bar code located on this panel. 100% Recycled Paperboard™. Hefty® delivers strength & convenience you can count on. Hefty®, 30 gal, ultra flex, large trash bags. Hefty®, renew, recycled plastic, tall kitchen drawstring bags. Hefty®, the gripper, starts, odor block, stretching drawstring. Hefty®, odor block, kitchen fresh. Hefty®, unscented, odor block, cinch sak. Hefty®, 30 gal, cinch sak, large trash bags, extra strong. Kitchen Fresh® fragrance. Odor Block® Helps neutralize odors. Hefty® Dependable strength. Reynolds Consumer Products. www.hefty.com. Please recycle. ©2013 Reynolds Consumer Products Inc.


Plastic bags can cause suffocation.
Please keep this product and all plastic bags out of the reach of children. Do not permit children to play with them and do not use them in cribs, playpens or carriages.


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