Zebra V-301 Fountain Pen Black Ink



Refill install instructions: Hold grip in hand. Twist barrel counter-clockwise to unscrew. Insert refill into grip side, small end first until locked firmly in place. Replace barrel side. Your new fountain pen will become a personal writing instrument as the nib of the pen adapts to your personal writing style. For this reason, we recommend that the fountain pen be used only by yourself. Gently hold your pen with the nib facing down and properly balanced when making contact with the paper. The pen should be held at a proper angle while writing (approx 45 degrees). Avoid bearing down too hard or holding the pen in an uncontrolled manner. Cap the pen after use to maintain optimal performance and prevent dry-outs.



Zebra V-301® Fountain Black Ink. New! Stainless steel barrel. Install refill to start. Bonus refill. Make a statement... in Writing™.

Other Description

Zebra pen guarantees the performance of this writing instrument. If it fails to perform properly, please return it to zebra pen corp. for repair or replacement. Guarantee is void in the event of abuse or physical damage. Recyclable. V-Refills available online: www.zebrapen.com.