Boar's Head Deli Cheese Shop Platter Serves 8-10

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A flavorful sampling of cubed & wedged domestic and imported cheeses from our Master Cheesemaker's favorite selections featuring: Black Wax Cheddar - aged over 9 months for a full, sharp flavor. Cream Havarti - buttery, creamy and all natural. Gold Label Premium Imported Swiss - aged over 100 days for a nutty, full Swiss flavor. Monterey Jack with Jalapeno - semi-soft mild American cheese with the spicy bite of hand-selected, fresh jalapeno peppers. Picante Provolone - naturally aged for a full, sharp flavor, a classic Italian style provolone. Hickory Smoked Imported Pasteurized Process Gruyere - creamy imported gruyere, slowly smoked for the full flavor of hickory.


1/2 lb Black Wax Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese, 1/2 lb Cream Havarti Cheese, 1/2 lb Gold Label Imported Swiss Cheese, 1/2 lb Monterey Jack Cheese with Jalapeno, 1/2 lb Picante Provolone Cheese, 1/2 lb Hickory Smoked Imported Pasteurized Process Gruyere Cheese. Garnished with Cucumber, Green Grapes, Strawberries and Fresh Dill.