Goo Gone



Pre-test on an inconspicuous area. Do not use on silk, leather, suede or rubber. Hard surfaces: 1. Apply Goo Gone. 2. Wipe off and clean area with soap and water. Carpet and upholstery spot remover: 1. Apply to clean white cloth. 2. Gently blot stain. 3. Clean area with soap and water. 4. Blot dry with a dean towel. Clothing: Do not treat clothing while wearing. 1. Apply to stain. 2. Blot stain with dean white cloth.3. Launder treated items separately, using extra detergent. Use only per label directions. Allow formula time to saturate problem area as needed. Store and transport in a dosed and upright position.



Goo GoneĀ® Citrus Power. Stickers. Gummy messes. Crayon marks. Gooey masses. The #1 brand for sticky, gummy, gooey problems!

Other Description

America's #1 remover eliminates tough problems without harming the surface below! C.A.R.B. General purpose adhesive remover 20% VOC compliant. Goo GoneĀ® a premier brand of the Homax Group, Inc. 800-729-9029.


Danger! Harmful or fatal if swallowed.
Carefully red cautions on back label.
Danger: contains petroleum distillates and citrus terpenes. Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin. Use in well-ventilated area. Do not use near heat, sparks or flames.
First aid: if swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Call physician immediately. In case of eye contact, immediately flush eyes with water for 15 minutes. Get medical attention if irritation persists. If on skin, wash thoroughly with mild soap and water. Keep out of reach of children.