GUM Soft-Picks - 80 CT



Easy to use: Use gentle in and out motions to clean between teeth and massage gums. Do not force into tight spaces between teeth.



Sunstar GUM® Soft-Picks ® - 80 CT. Easy to use! Healthy gums. Healthy Life®. Clinically proven to remove plaque. Massages gums and dislodges food. Recommended by dental professionals. Storage case included.

Other Description

Soft bristles massage gums to promote blood circulation and healthy, firm gum tissue. Clinical data show that Soft-Picks® are as effective as string floss in removing interdental plaque and reducing gingivitis. Reduction levels by product type. Clinical study. 120 subjects assessed for plaque, gingivitis and eastman interdental bleeding indices (EIBI). String floss. Soft-Picks®. Visit: