Roll'n Clean Self-Cleaning Litter Box



How it works: Simply roll the litter box to the right until the top touches the floor then roll it back to the upright position. Inside a unique patented screen separates the clean litter from the clumped waste - putting all the waste into the scoop. Pull out the scoop and dispose. It is that easy! Easy to clean: 1. Simply roll to the right and return. 2. Tilt slightly to the left to level clean litter. 3. Pull out the scoop. 4. Dispose the waste. Assembly instructions: 1. Insert screen between tabs. Ramp faces up. 2. Bend screen and push into channel along box edge. 3. Lock tabs into place. 4. Slide in scoop.



Roll'n Clean™ Self Cleaning Litter Box. Easy to clean. Simply roll to clean. Omega paw. 1. Simply roll to the right and return. 2. Pull out the scoop. 3. Dispose the waste. Screen. Scoop. Litter pan.

Other Description

Screen - separates waste from clean litter. Scoop - collects waste for easy disposal. Litter pan - works best with clumping and silica litter. Quickly cleans in seconds. This cat box would be worth $100 in my opinion. I can't believe how easy it is to use, less then 10 seconds to cleans the litter box, no removing the lid. Throw away the scoops as you will never need it once you own this cat box. No smell, no bags, no mess. By J.B. (A real internet review). With three cats this box works best for me. I have tried all kinds of boxes even the expensive motor driven kind. This one works the best. Just roll it over daily and empty the container. A bargain compared to other "high-tech" boxes in terms of cost and maintenance. Finally someone applied physics to a cat box. - By S.R. (A real internet review). I have multiple cats and regular litter boxes are such a mess to deal with the constant cleaning, the odor, the scattered litter, etc. I decided to try the Omega and I love it! It was simple to put together and works exactly like it says. The cats love it. Thanks omega paw for such a great product. -By C.B. (A real internet review). I can't believe I'm raving about a litter box, but I am. I've raved about this to my husband, to my friends, on my blog - to everyone who'll listen, as a matter of fact. Seriously, it's worth the money. You'll never mind cleaning the litter box again. That, my friends, is priceless! - By V.K. (A real internet review). Love this litter box. I had a conventional one for a long time and thought of getting a real" self-cleaning" one. So. I decided to give this one a try. Simple to set up, simple to use. No mess, no smell. This is a real bargain and shouldn't be passed up! - By E.P. (A real internet review).