RaZbaby Keep-it-Kleen Pacifier 0-36 mths



Care instructions: Sterilize before initial use in boiling water in the closed position for 5 minutes or less (Boiling over 5 minutes may damage the pacifier), allow to cool and squeeze the nipple gently to expel any water. Rinse before each use. Do not microwave, as the pacifier contains a metal part. Do not use dishwasher or steam sterilizers. Never dip pacifier in sweet substance as this can lead to tooth decay. Inspect the pacifier before each use and dispose immediately if damaged. Replace pacifier after one or two months of use. This product is not recommended for bedtime use. Use this pacifier in an open position only, and under adult supervision.



RaZbaby® Keep-it-Kleen® 0-36 mths Pacifier. Silicone. Orthodontic. BPA free. Closes when dropped!

Other Description

Cleaner and healthier for baby! The only pacifier that closes when dropped, "nipple stays clean." Shields close, so pacifier can be stored with confidence. Shields are built-in. No more lost pacifier covers! Conforms to the U.S. consumer product safety commission's requirements for pacifiers - 16 CFR, part 1511 and European standards EN 1400. Tel: 1-877-298-6622. razbaby.com. ©2013 RaZbaby Innovative Baby Products Inc.


Do not tie pacifier around baby's neck as it presents a strangulation danger.