Raid Snap Trap Mouse Trap Disposable



1. Bait trap by placing food (such as peanut butter or cheese) in the bait pedal. 2. Set trap by pulling back bow. Hold down with thumb. 3. Pull back the locking bar and hook its curved end underneath the bait pedal. 4. Lift bait pedal to 45 degree angle to engage locking bar. Treatment tips: For best results, place 2 traps 5-10 ft apart. Target areas with high mice activity such as: Near refrigerators, stoves, pantries, between washers and dryers, or along baseboards. Limit all other competitive food sources in your home. Store food in sealed containers, including dog and bird food.



Raid™ Snap Trap Mouse Trap Disposable Traps. Kills Mice Dead!™

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Keep out of reach of children and pets.