Whitmor Cedar Spheres - 16 CT



Whitmor Cedar Spheres. Set of 16.

Other Description

Natural American red cedar wood. Perfect for drawers, shoes, and closets. Freshens and protects clothing from moths and musty odors. Why cedar? Cedar wood is a natural insect repellent and makes a great alternative to chemical solutions. North American red cedar wood releases natural oils that repel moths and other insects that harm fabrics. Whitmor's cedar products are made from the red heartwood of the tree that contains the aromatic fragrances and oils that help protect storage areas. Cedar wood also absorbs moisture that can cause mildew and musty odors. Cedar can be renewed by sanding lightly to remove crystallized oils, providing years of protection for your closets, drawers, and all storage areas of the home. 1-888-WHITMOR. [email protected]. www.whitmor.com. ©2013 Whitmor, Inc.