Droll Yankees Observer Window Feeder



Simply attach the suction cups and hang on your window! 1. Clean the window. 2. Slide each suction cup completely into its slot, twisting slightly if necessary. 3. Warm suction cups to make flexible by rubbing between fingers. 4. Using the facial oil from the side of your nose, rub finger on suction cup surface. 5. Press each cup firmly against window to force air out from beneath cup.



Droll Yankees® Observer Window Feeder. Just feed birds and make a world of difference. The world's best Bird Feeders®. Since 1969. Bring the birds right up to your window. Lifetime warranty. No obstructing plastic between you and the birds. Three quality suction cups that hold securely to window. Observe the birds feeding undisturbed, literally inches away.

Other Description

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this product will be donated to causes that support wild birds and their habitats. The Droll Yankees lifetime warranty: Droll Yankees will replace any defective part, free of charge, for as long as you own your Droll Yankees feeder. If your feeder is badly damaged by squirrels, to the extent that the effectiveness of the feeder is compromised, Droll Yankees will, at its option, either repair, replace, or send replacement parts, free of charge. This warranty does not extend to damage through neglect, accident, or misuse. Sloped cover overhangs dish to prevent runoff of rain into dish. UV stabilized clear polycarbonate for durability. Three quality suction cups that hold securely to window. Deep dish holds a generous 1/2 lb of seed or suet, fruit or mealworms. Drainage holes in bottom of food dish. Can be cleaned thoroughly as assembled - not designed to come apart for cleaning. Dishwasher safe. Clear view-no plastic between birds and window. Curved rim for easy perching. Model OWF - observer window feeder. www.drollyankees.com. www.justfeedbirds.com. Will a window feeder cause birds to fly into my windows? A "window strike" is when a bird flies into a window. This often happens because birds see the reflection of sky and trees in the window. Window feeders actually help reduce the number of window strikes by breaking up reflections. Please clean your feeder. For the safety of the birds, sanitize your bird feeders regularly with a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and hot water, once a month in winter, more often in hot and humid weather. This feeder can be cleaned thoroughly as assembled. It is not designed to come apart for cleaning. Living greener! Just feed birds and make a world of difference. It's true. Because when you feed birds, you help more baby birds survive. More birds will eat more insects, so you'll need fewer chemicals to control them. And using fewer chemicals makes the environment healthier for you, your children, your pets, our water supply... and wild birds. We can make a world of difference, one bird feeder at a time. Please recycle. See these birds and more! From left: cardinal, goldfinch, chickadee, grosbeak, nuthatch, purple finch, redpoll, pine siskin.