MAM Pacifier Clip



Instruction for use: When used with a MAM or other button pacifier, press the ring over the button of the pacifier (diagram A). When used with a pacifier with handle, put the transparent ring over the whole handle of the pacifier (diagram B), or attach the ribbon directly to the pacifier handle, using the Velcro. (Diagram C). The Velcro securely holds not only pacifiers but also teethers, small toys and much more. (Diagram D). The pacifier clip fastener is opened by moving the slider towards the leash and closed by clicking the slider towards the rounded end (diagram E). The pacifier clip should only be attached to garments. The pacifier clip fastener should always be stored and cleaned in the open position to avoid the pacifier clip spring losing it's strength. Do not store in the closed position. Regularly clean the pacifier clip with warm water and mild cleaning agent. Rinse thoroughly. Do not boil, steam or microwave sterilize. Do not use solvents or abrasive cleaning agents as these could damage the product.



MAM Pacifier Clip 0+ Months. Velcro fastener. BPA free. Fits all pacifier types. For pacifiers, teethers and more.

Other Description

The MAM principle. Parents are demanding. We at MAM are too. That's why, for over 35 years, we've been developing products along with experts from medicine & research that are unique in function and design, support the individual development of every child and make everyday baby life easier. Thanks to the extra light-weight MAM pacifier clip, pacifiers stay clean and always at hand. Something babies and parents can depend on. Flexible ring. Fits button and ring pacifiers. Pacifier clip fastener. Sliding mechanism for one handed operation. Quick & easy fastening thanks to the wide opening. Velcro fastener. For flexible attachment of pacifiers, teethers & other accessories. Fits all pacifier types, teethers and more. Button pacifier: Place the transparent ring over the pacifier button. Pacifier with handle: Attach the ribbon directly to the pacifier handle using the Velcro. Teethers & more: Attach the teether, toy, etc by using the Velcro. MAM pacifiers. Babies can relax in comfort and style because MAM pacifiers have been developed by designers and are approved by dentists and orthodontists. MAM's attention to detail has resulted in a wide variety of pacifier sizes being created-maximum comfort for babies of all ages Thanks to the smart design the pacifiers sit perfectly in baby's mouth. MAM pacifiers are BPA free and safe for babies. MAM teethers. MAM designers have worked closely with pediatric dentists in order to tailor all teethers perfectly to baby's development Chewing, cooling and soothing - MAM teethers are fun and let baby quickly forget teething. Anti-colic bottle. Breast Feeding is best for babies. With the innovative anti-colic bottle the switch between breast and bottle is particularly easy. Its vented base works according to a unique natural flow principle, which ensures a smooth milk flow. The effect: Babies stay calm and relaxed because they don't swallow any air. And the smart bottle sterilizes itself. Simply heat in the microwave with water and it's done. Ideal for on the go. Designed in Austria/Europe. BPA free: All MAM poducts are made from BPA free materials. MAM offers a wide range of soothing, teething, oral care and feeding products. For more information please contact: MAM USA Corporation 106 Corporate Park Drive, Suite 409 White Plains, NY 10604, toll free 866-949-1174. More MAM products.


Do not tie pacifier around child's neck as it presents a strangulation danger.
Do not lengthen ribbon in anyway as it could result in strangulation. Clip: This product meets the requirements of EN 12586: 2007.
Caution - for your child's safety.
Before each use check carefully. Throw away at the first sign of damage or weakness.
Never lengthen the pacifier holder!
Never attach to cords, ribbons, laces or loose parts of clothing. The child may be strangled.
The use of a pacifier clip when baby is sleeping or in bed, crib or cot is not recommended.
Ensure both ends of the pacifier clip are fastened before leaving your child unattended.
The pacifier clip should not be used as a teether or toy.