Wonder Box Plus 3 In 1 With Baking Soda



Scoop out solid waste or clumps daily from litter. After 4 weeks replace Wonder Box Plus with a new box for maximum odor control. Suited for use with all litter types.



Wonder Box® Plus 3 In 1 With Baking Soda Disposable Litter Box Liner. New! Odor control. Eliminates cat waste odor and extends litter life! Eliminates tough cat urine and waste odors. Provides enhanced air flow, controlling odors in your cat's litter box and in your home. Keeps litter dryer, fresher longer. Waterproof and tear proof. Made from 100% biodegradable, recycled paper.

Other Description

How it controls odors: The unique patented process of Wonder Box, Plus allows air to flow into litter. This unique air flow technology neutralizes tough cat waste odors at the source, discouraging them from becoming airborne and spreading around your home. Why Wonder Box Plus is better than plastic litter boxes: Traditional plastic litter boxes do not allow air to flow through your cat's litter box, retaining moisture which creates ammonia, and enhances odor build-up. This damp environment also encourages mold, mildew and litter caking, shortening your litter's life and odor control ability. 2 ways to use wonder box plus: Use alone, or as a litter box liner. Tough vent material is designed to withstand damp, humid, high-moisture environments and will not leak. 8 in 1®. Eight In One Pet Products. (800) 645-5154. www.eightinonepet.com.


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