Playtex Ortho-Pro 0-6M Silicone Pacifiers - 2 CT



To properly position pacifier nipple, flat tip should face baby's tongue. To clean: boil for 5 minutes before first use. Wash regularly in hot, soapy water for about one minute and rinse thoroughly, or use dishwasher top rack only. Boil pacifier for five minutes weekly to maintain cleanliness.



Playtex® Ortho-Pro® Silicone 0-6M Pacifiers. Will not cause teeth misalignment*. 2 silicone pacifiers. BPA free.

Other Description

Orthodontic nipple. Playtex® Ortho-Pro® Silicone Pacifier is designed by dentists to not cause teeth misalignment.* Ultra thin, wavy stem reduces pressure on developing gums for natural oral development. AirComfort™ shield designed for greater air flow to help prevent skin irritation. The unique Snug 'N Place ring prevents ring from flopping around to not disturb child's sleep. Silicone material is durable and easy to clean. Has a ring for easy grip. *Efficacy of Novel Pacifier in the prevention of Anterior open bites, Stefan Zimmer, Playtex and all other trademarks are licensed or owned by Playtex Products, LLC. If not completely satisfied, return for full refund of purchase price or replacement. 1-800-222-0453. ©2013 Playtex Products, LLC.


Do not tie pacifier around child's neck as it presents a strangulation hazard.
Caution: to prevent a possible choking hazard, test strength regularly by pulling hard on all parts. Inspect nipple portion regularly, especially when baby is teething. If pacifier nipple becomes cracked, torn, or shows other signs of excess wear, discontinue use immediately. Do not leave child unattended with pacifier.


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