Litter Genie Cat Litter Disposal System



3 simple steps. 1: Scoop clumps from litter box. 2: Open lid to drop clumps in. 3: Pull handle to help seal in waste & odors.



Litter Genie® Cat Litter Disposal System. Helps lock litter & odors away! Ultimate odor control. No more daily trips to the trash. It's all inside: scoop, holder, standard refill (14 ft).

Other Description

An ultimate hassle-free solution to controlling litter odors. Waste can be sealed away for up to 14 days for one cat. 1 refill lasts up to 8 weeks with one cat. Scoop holder fits on either side of pail! Refill contains unique five-layer bag with built-in odor barrier technology to help protect against odors and germs. Carton made of 100% recycled fiber. Keep your home fresh and your cat happy! Easy to empty! When the bag is full, a simple cut-and-tie empties it. Fits anywhere! The compact design makes it great for small spaces. Easy carry-handle makes it convenient for homes with multiple litter box locations. Find out more at: ©2012 Playtex Products, LLC.


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