Vicks Waterless Vaporizer



Using your Vicks waterless vaporizer. Read all instructions before using this appliance. Use Vicks Menthol Vapor Pads with your (or other model). Each pad is specifically designed to work with the heat of the Vicks Waterless Vaporizer to gradually release soothing aromatic vapors. 1. Fully unravel cord. Failure to do so could cause overheating and possible fire hazard. Do not use with extension cords. Place waterless vaporizer on a flat, stable surface for use. 2. Open the lid of the Vicks waterless vaporizer. 3. Place one scent pad over the heat vents. 4. Lower lid and press down firmly to lock. 5. Turn the unit on using the switch. 6. Adjust to desired setting for desired scent release. 7. Each pad is designed for single use and will last from 4 - 8 hours depending on heat. Waterless Vaporizer will feel warm to the touch. Be careful when handling. When vapor therapy treatment is completed, move On/Off switch to the Off position. The lamp will go out. Disconnect plug from electrical outlet. Allow the Waterless vaporizer to cool before moving or replacing the pad it (see care and cleaning section). Care and cleaning. Caution: always disconnect the plug from the electrical outlet and let the waterless vaporizer cool down for at least 20 minutes before cleaning. After each use: 1. Open Lid and wipe the scent tray dry with a clean cloth or paper towel. 2. Store in a cool dry place. 3. Do not submerge in water or use other materials to clean the unit.



Vicks® Waterless Vaporizer. Releases soothing menthol vapors. Non-medicated. Comforting care. Includes 5 Vicks Vapopads®. Waterless, no spills or refilling. 3 scent levels. Silent operation, perfect for bedside use. Soft, soothing nightlight. Kaz®. Scent releases up to 8 hours/pad. 1 year warranty.

Other Description

How it works: The Vicks waterless vaporizer works by heat activating the soothing Vicks menthol vapors in the scent pad and releasing them into the air. No water is necessary, perfect for humid areas or when dry air is not a problem. Scent pad with soothing Vicks menthol vapors will last up to 8 hours. Advanced heater technology offers precise temperature settings. Soft nightlight helps locate waterless vaporizer in a dark room. Three settings to control the amount of soothing vapors released into the air. Uses Vicks VapoPads®. Read instructions carefully. Vicks is a registered trademark of The Procter & Gamble Co. Manufactured by Kaz, Inc. under license from The Procter & Gamble Company Cincinnati, OH USA. ©2010 Kaz, Incorporated. Questions or comments? 1-800-VAPOR-1-2 (1-800-827-6712). [email protected]. C UL® US. Vicks scent pads: Vicks Scent pads have been designed to work with your Waterless Vaporizer to provide soothing menthol and eucalyptus vapors. Vicks Scent pads are available where the Vicks Waterless Vaporizers are sold. One year limited warranty. Your Waterless Vaporizer is warranted against defective materials or workmanship for one year from date of purchase. Any defective part will be replaced at no charge if it has not been tampered with and appliance has been used according to our printed directions. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, as well as other rights which may vary from state to state. If you experience unsatisfactory operation, please call the Kaz Consumer Relations Department at (800) 477-0457, or write to Kaz Inc., 250 Turnpike Road, Southborough, MA 01772, explaining just how the waterless vaporizer is operating. Our Consumer Relations Representative will advise you how to correct the problem yourself, or will ask you to return the Waterless Vaporizer for repair or replacement. ©2010 Kaz, Incorporated. Kaz Manufacturing Quality Healthcare Products for over 75 years. The Vicks waterless vaporizer is distributed by Kaz, Inc. under license from Procter & Gamble Inc. Vicks is a registered trademark of Procter & Gamble Inc. ©2004, Kaz, Incorporated.


Important safety instructions:
Read all instructions before using, especially these basic safety precautions:
Warning: To avoid electric shock hazard:
1. Appliance should always be unplugged and emptied when not in operation or while being cleaned.
2. Do not use while bathing.
3. Do not immerse in water or other liquid.
4. Do not use or store appliance where it may fall into tub or sink. Do not reach for any appliance that has fallen into water. Unplug immediately.
5. This product has a polarized plug as a safety feature. This plug will fit into a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit, reverse it: if the plug still doesn't fit, contact a qualified electrician. Do not attempt to defeat this safety feature.
6. Do not use with an extension cord.
7. Unplug appliance immediately after use.
8. Only use with Vicks Menthol Vapor Pads.
Warning: to avoid the risk of burns, electric, fire or other injury:
1. Keep out of reach of children. Provide constant close supervision when appliance is used by invalids.
2. Use appliance only as described in this manual and only with attachments supplied or recommended by Kaz.
3. Never operate appliance with a damaged cord, or if appliance has been dropped or damaged.
4. Keep cord away from heated surfaces.
5. Always use appliance on a firm, level surface. Do not operate on soft surfaces where vents can be blocked.
6. Do not use in area where aerosol products are being used or where oxygen is being administered.
7. Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin. Do not lay pad on furniture, countertop, carpet, or other surface as pad may damage or discolor surface.
Condition of sale:
As a condition of sale, the purchaser assumes responsibility for the proper care and use of this appliance in accordance with our printed instructions. The purchaser or user must judge for himself or herself when to use it and length of use.