Morton Safe-T-Salt Rock Salt



Directions for use: Evenly sprinkle Morton® Safe-T-Salt® rock salt over an icy or snow packed surface (about 1/2 to 1 cup per square yard of surface). Remove slush after melting has occurred. Traction: When car is stuck in snow or on ice, spread Morton® Safe-T-Salt® rock salt generously under the wheels to provide traction. Keep an extra bag in the trunk for weight. Morton® Safe-T-Salt® rock salt can be used to freeze ice cream. Follow the manufacturer's directions for the use of rock salt in their ice cream making machines.



Morton® Safe-T-Salt® Rock Salt. Melts ice and snow. Melts to 5 degrees F.

Other Description

25 pounds. Morton® ice melting products. Safe-T-Salt® rock salt - Action-Melt® blend - Safe-T-Power® - Safe-T-Plus® eco safe ice melt. Melts ice and snow - fast acting ice melter - lowest temperature ice melter - safer for sidewalks, plants and pets. Melts to 5 degrees F - melts to - 15 degrees F - melts to -25 degrees - melts to 5 degrees F. Freight shipping bag. Meeting requirements of applicable freight classification. Guaranteed by Salerno Plastic Film and Bags Inc. ® Registered trademark of Morton International, Inc. ©Copyright 2009, Morton International, Inc.


All deicers can accelerate surface damage to concrete, since they increase the number of freeze-thaw cycles. Poor quality concrete is especially susceptible to deicer damage. Use this product only on properly formulated, cured, air-entrained concrete. Do not use on concrete less than one year old or on brick or flagstone walkways having mortar joints. Do not take internally. Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothing. Wash thoroughly after handling. This product must be used at the user's own risk of loss or damage from its use, storage or handling.