GUM Butlerweave Floss Mint Waxed



The GUM® Butlerweave® dental floss dispensing case has a unique, rewind wheel* to prevent wasted floss. To dispense: 1. Open dispenser lid. 2. Pull floss out of the dispenser to about an 18" length. 3. Cut floss. If too much floss is dispensed, rotate the rewind wheel on the front of the dispenser counter clockwise to pull the extra floss back into the dispenser.



Sunstar GUM® Butlerweave® 200 Yd Mint Waxed Floss. Healthy gums. Healthy Life®. Special fiber weave resists shredding and breaking. Rewindable dispenser. Helps eliminate wasted floss! Recommended by dental professionals.

Other Description

The interlacing weave produces a strong, smooth floss that is specially designed: For effective plaque removal above and below the gumline. To resist shredding and breaking. To slide easily between teeth and be gentle on gums.


Sunstar Americas, Inc
Chicago, IL 60630 U.S.A.