Boo-Boo Buddy Reusable Cold Pack Pets



To use: keep in freezer between use. For scrapes, wash area with soap and water. Apply Boo Boo Buddy® to affected area. Use in 20 minute intervals. If pack causes discomfort, remove for a few minutes and reapply. Stop use if discomfort continues. To clean: wash in soap and water when necessary.



Boo Boo Buddy® Resuable Cold Pack. PVC and phthalate free. The original. Ages 2+. Nontoxic. Pets. Soothes bumps & bruises. Cool pain relief. Flexible & hypo-allergenic.

Other Description

Natural first aid pain relief. When boo boos happen, every kid needs a buddy! Doctors recommend cold therapy to help prevent and reduce pain and swelling associated with: Scrapes. Insect bites. Bruises. Bumps. Boo Boo Buddy cold packs are an effective and safe alternative to ice but without the mess and waste of water. Numbs pain quickly and safely. Hypo-allergenic cold pack remains flexible at freezing temperatures. Use over and over again! This product has been safety tested and meets the federal safety testing standards. Boo Boo Buddy® is a registered trademark of MZB Accessories. Questions or comments? Call 1-800-221-0131.


For external use only. Use only as directed. Always test the temperature before applying to the child's skin. Discard cold pack if punctured or torn. If coolant touches skin, wash area with soap and water. Always use under adult supervision. Not for use as a teething aid or for use on infants. Contact your physician if serious injury has occurred or when pain and/or swelling persists.
Caution: do not microwave.


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