CareOne Loperamide Hydrochloride Oral Suspension Mint Flavor



CareOne™ Loperamide Hydrochloride Mint Flavor Oral Suspension. Take control. Compare to the active ingredient in Imodium® A-D*. Anti-diarrheal. Controls the symptoms of diarrhea. 1 mg loperamide hydrochloride per 7.5ml.

Other Description

Use. Controls symptoms of diarrhea, including traveler's diarrhea. Gluten free. This product has been tested by an independent laboratory to ensure its quality and effectiveness. *This product is not manufactured or distributed by McNeil Consumer Healthcare, distributor of Imodium® A-D. Quality guaranteed or your money back. ©2011 S&S Brands, Inc.


Active Ingredient (in each 7.5ml) - Purpose. Loperamide HCl 1mg - Anti-Diarrheal.


Allergy alert: do not use if you have ever had a rash or other allergic reaction to loperamide HCl.
Do not use if you have bloody or black stool.


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