ArtSkills Poster Borders - 36 CT



ArtSkills®! Poster Borders™. Paper. Florida '08. Betsy Ross. Cookie sale results. 36 sheets! Frames 2 posters! 216 in (548 cm).

Other Description

1 neon & 1 holographic border! Water cycle, condensation, evaporation, saturation. 3rd Street, block party. Punctuation, separates letters, words, & sentences. Available in 3 styles! Online poster wizard. Design your poster in minutes! Contents: 108 inches of each color (1 style in 1 neon color & 1 holographic color). Please retain packaging for future reference. Kids in need foundation. Conforms to the safety requirements of ASTM - standard D4236. For questions and comments: [email protected]. ©2011 ArtSkills.