FarmedHere Local Organic Lemon Basil



Do not refrigerate.



Farmedhere™ Local Organic Lemon Basil. Sustainable indoor farming. USDA organic. Organic nutrients, no chemical pesticides. Aqua ponics. Anti-oxidant. Anti-bacterial. Anti-inflammatory.

Other Description

Farmed Here™ today. Where to tomorrow? We have big plans. Because we knew there had to be a better way. Truth be told, our current agricultural system is broken. There's something wrong when the lettuce in your market has traveled further than you have. And not to mention, it got splattered with pesticides while it was growing and it was picked before it was perfect to allow travel time. Call us crazy, but we've always believed that produce ripened better while still attached to its roots rather than attached to a wooden pallet in the back of a truck. Printed with soy ink. Eco Cert®. Certified Organic by Eco Cert ICO. FSC®. C012141. FSC. Mix packaging from responsible sources. Proudly farmed here in Bedford, Park & Flanagan, Illinois! Bedford Park. Harvested locally. Packaged locally.