SynergyLabs Shed-X Omegaplex



Shake well before using. Add Shed-X™ daily to your cat's food as directed below. 1 to 2 lbs - 1/2 tsp. 2 to 5 lbs - 1 tsp. 5 to 10 lbs - 1-1/2 tsp. Over 10 lbs - 2 tsp. Calorie content (calculated) ME = 8330 kcal/kg, 42 kcal/tsp. Storage: When opened, best if used within 60 days. Store in cool, dry location protected from light.



SynergyLabs® Shed-X™ Omegaplex. Nutritional supplement with omega 3 & 6 + vitamins. Delicious taste cats love! Stops excessive shedding in 3-4 weeks*. Norwegian anchovie & sardine oil. Wheat germ oil. Flaxseed oil. 100% Natural.

Other Description

The answer to excessive shedding. 100% Natural Shed-X™ OmegaPlex™ stops excessive shedding while providing your pet with the most advanced nutrients and finest sources of essential fatty acids lacking in most commercial pet foods. Our ingredients tell the story... Ingredient/Nutrient - Omega 6 linoleic fatty acid. Use - helps retain moisture in dull & dry coats. Ingredient/Nutrient - Omega 3 linoleic fatty acid. Use - helps lubricate skin and reduce itchy, scaly skin. Ingredient/Nutrient - Zinc. Use - helps promote healthy coat and supports healthy immune system. Ingredient/Nutrient - Vitamin E. Use - antioxidant that helps reduce free radicals. Ingredient/Nutrient - Vitamin A & D. Use - boosts quality of skin & coat. Ingredient/Nutrient - Inositol. Use - essential for maintenance of healthy skin. Guaranteed analysis per serving (1 tsp/0.15 oz/4.5g). All values are minimum quantities unless otherwise stated below. Crude protein - 52 mg. Crude fat - 3.95 mg. Linoleic acid - 2.770 mg. Linolenic acid† - 108 mg. Oleic acid - 868 mg. Vitamin E - 12.5 IU. Vitamin A - 90r6 IU. Vitamin D3 - 156 IU. Choline - 5.8mg. Inositol† - 2.25 mg. Vitamin B6 - 0.55 mg. Biotin† - 24 mcg. †Not recognized as an essential by the AAFCO cat food nutrient profiles. Satisfaction guarantee (USA only): return unused product with original purchase receipt to place of purchase. Please recycle. Synergylabs Products. *with proper use. Not tested on animals. Shed-X™ and OmegaPlex™ are trademarks of SynergyLabs®. All rights reserved. 954-525-1133. ©2012.


Vegetable Oil, Natural Chicken Flavor, Organic Flax Seed Oil, Fish Oil (Sourced From Norwegian Fish), Wheat Germ Oil, Lecithin, Tuna Flavor, Zinc Stearate, Vitamin E, Vitamin A & D3, Rosemary Extract, Inositol, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Biotin.


Caution: Keep out of reach of children.