Dr. Collins Perio High Performance Waxed Dental Floss Mint



Cut off about 18" of floss. Wind some around the index finger of each hand until you have about 2" to work with. Gently slide the floss between your teeth until it reaches the gum line. Then, curving around each tooth with light pressure, allow the floss to fan out and cover as much surface as possible, gently work against the side of each tooth. Dental experts agree that daily flossing can help prevent tooth decay and early stages of gum disease.



Dr. Collins® Perio™ Mint High Performance Waxed Dental Floss. Bringing smiles to Life™. Shred resistant. Easily slips between teeth. Cleans more surface area. Great with floss holders and flossing aids.

Other Description

Ordinary dental flosses use a monofilament single strand that is unable to expand, limiting its cleaning reach. Dr. Collins Perio Floss™ is made of a unique multifilament that fans out and encompasses the tooth, removing more plaque and debris with each pass. This high performance floss will not easily break or shred in the presence of rough fillings or dental work, making it great for use with floss holders/flossing aids. The mild mint wax coating allows Perio Floss to easily slide between teeth and leave a refreshing clean taste. For best results use with Dr. Collins Perio toothbrush! www.drcollins.com. ©2014 Dr. Collins, Inc.