Scented Cinch Lemon Scent

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Instructions: Make sure the surface is clean and dry. Peel the backing off the tape. Align the Cinch flat end up under the rim of the can and press firmly to the waste container as shown. Place the liner in the can, and then pinch the very edge of the liner (closest to the Cinch) and pull it out to form a "tail". Poke the outer edge of the "tail" through the top of the Cinch. With your other hand, pull the liner down from the bottom until tight. Do not put finger through Cinch opening. Keep out of reach of small children. Works with all types of trash cans and bags. Keep refill disc in sealed container until ready for use. For the best results, replace the air freshening disc after 30 days.



Scented Cinch™ Lemon Scent. Secures trash bag. Freshens the air. Bonus refill included. Evriholder® Products, LLC.