Harris Irresistible Lure Roach Traps



Harris Insect Traps use irresistible food attractants to lure insects. 1. Peel off protective paper. 2. Fold the trap and insert the tab at top to hold it together. 3. Fold end flaps inward to form a 30┬░ angle. 4. Place the trap in a location where insects are likely to travel or hide. Check the trap regularly. Dispose of the trap when it is covered with insects, or every 90 days, to insure special lure remains fresh. Replace after 90 days.



Harris® Irresistible Lure Large Roach Traps. Since 1922. Guaranteed to work! All natural. Pesticide-free. Draws roaches from their hiding places. Used by professional exterminators. For residential & commercial use. German cockroach. American cockroach. Waterbugs & palmetto bugs. Clean. Non-toxic. Easy to-use.

Other Description

Insects on traps indicate you should begin an integrated pest management program. Visit www.pfharris.com for other Harris products to help you control roaches. Pesticide-free, no chemicals. Non-toxic, clean and easy-to-use. Includes irresistible food attractants. Discreet. Slides easily under appliances & furniture. For residential & commercial use. Guaranteed to work. If you are not satisfied with this Harris product, call 770-667-6549 weekdays, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time or see website: www.pfharris.com and click guarantee policy. Questions or comments? Call 800-637-0317 or visit www.pfharris.com.


Keep out of reach of children and pets. In case of contact with adhesive, use vegetable or mineral oil to remove.