Gotham Greens Basil



Gotham Greens Basil. Local produce. Fresh. Our sweet basil is a fragrant and bright addition to salads, pastas and pestos. It's rich in flavor as well as vitamin A and beta carotene. This aromatic 'royal' herb is best stored at 50 degrees F. Unwashed. Grown & packed in Brooklyn New York. Fresh local produce. Pride of New York. Non GMO project. Verified.

Other Description

Our story: Gotham Greens is a New York city based company dedicated to growing the highest quality vegetables and culinary herbs for local restaurants and retailers. Gotham Greens' premium quality, pesticide-free vegetables and herbs are grown in state-of-the-art rooftop greenhouses using clean, renewable energy. Our commitment to sustainability: Greenhouse grown: Our state-of-the-art greenhouses provide our crops with the ideal growing environment to ensure unmatched product quality 365 days a year. Sustainable agriculture: Our methods conserve precious natural resources. Our pesticide-free produce is grown with recycled irrigation water and renewable energy. Premium quality: Our growers expertly manage the growing process from seed to harvest with unmatched care to provide you with the freshest produce available on the market. Visit us: