Combat 12 Month Small Roach Baits - 18 CT



Direction for use: It is a violation of federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. 1. Use all 18 baits. Break baits apart. Place all baits where roaches are found as shown in the diagrams. 2. Do not use sprays around baits. Sprays contaminate baits and reduce effectiveness. 3. Replace all 18 baits every 12 months, or sooner if roaches return.



Combat® 12 Month Small Roach Baits. 12 month 1. Kills up to one year. 18 baits. For small roaches.

Other Description

©2005 Combat Insect Systems. Made in USA. Kills nonstop for up to 12 months. With food roaches prefer. Child-resistant baits. How Combat® 12 month 1 works: Roaches enter bait station and eat the bait. Roaches take the bait back to the nest. Roaches share the bait, killing other roaches and destroying the nest. Results may be affected by the number of roaches, the cleanliness of the area and the use of other roach control measures throughout the structure. Guaranteed to work or your money back! Call the Combat® helpline at 1-800-426-6228 for information. Please recycle empty carton.


Active ingredient: Fipronil - 0.05%. Other ingredients: - 99.95%. Cas no. 120068-37-3.


Do not allow children or pets to play with the bait stations.
Caution: (see precautionary statements on side panel).
Precautionary statements: hazards to humans and domestic animals. Caution: wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling bait stations. Storage and disposal: storage: store in cool, dry area out of reach of children. Disposal: if empty: do not reuse this container. Place in trash. If partly filled: call your local solid waste agency or toll free number 1-800-CLEANUP for disposal instructions. Never place unused product down any indoor or outdoor drain.


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