Scrub Daddy Scratch Free Cleaning Tool



Scrub Daddy is independently lab proven to resist odors, if kept clean and rinsed, for up to 2 months. To keep your Scrub Daddy fresh and effective, rinse thoroughly after use.



Scrub Daddy® Scratch Free Cleaning Tool. New! Try me! You'll love me! The FlexTexture. Soft in warm water. Firm in cool water.

Other Description

I'm dishwasher safe. Chemical-free cleaning Scrub Daddy removes many stains and debris with plain water. If you use household cleaners, test on an inconspicuous area first-some substances can damage surfaces. Visit for complete care instructions and tips to get the most from your Scrub Daddy! I don't scratch! I don't smell! I clean really well! Over 1 1/2 inches of serious scrubbing power! You'll find tips, ideas and care instructions to keep your Scrub Daddy in good condition at Hi! I'm scratch free Scrub Daddy®. There's nothing else like me. You control my FlexTexture™ by simply adjusting water temperature. Hold me with fingertips to zip thru dishes and cleanup! Soft in warm water for gentle cleansing, firm in cool water for coarse scrubbing. I rinse clean and won't cling to debris so I keep looking clean and bright. I still smell fresh after weeks of use! Reach deep into cups, vases and pitchers for quick, thorough cleaning. I'm safe on your china, non-stick cookware, counters and other surfaces. I'm ergonomic-hold snug with two fingers, mold me into corners. My smile cleans both sides of your spoons, spatulas and other utensils.